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July 03, 2008



I love how the last one accordion folds onto itself- a very handy property for a cowl, I'll bet.


All are just gorgeous. I heart handspun. :)


love the new cowl! thanks for the recipe!


They are all fabulous! I really like your own stitch recipe! Thank you for sharing it!


Thank you so much for the pattern for that last cowl! I'm definitely going to whip up one of those!


Pretty, pretty, and pretty. Thanks for the pattern for that last one!


Ooooh, pretty! I was thinking of making a handspun one, but wasn't sure if I would have enough yardage! Oooh, maybe I'll make one from the ASU fiber!!! :)


Love the pattern and its in my queue alredy. I am addicted to cowls now -- thanks for sharing the pattern.


Beautiful! I have some Big Tryst so I may just follow your lead...


Beautiful! I have some Big Tryst so I may just follow your lead...


Beautiful! I have some Big Tryst so I may just follow your lead...


These are gorgeous!!!


Love your cowls. Thanks for the pattern ... I'm off to start one ... even though it's 10:45 PM.


Love the cowls. Thanks for posting the pattern.

Donna Parker

I have just finished this cowl with a merino wool/silk blend from KnitPicks. It's lovely and thanks so much for sharing your recipe. My cowl finished with about a 21 inch circumference but it seems far to wide and droopy when comparing it to one of the models I see on Ravelry. So what is your finished size on the stacked cowl?

Toni Friedman

Beautiful cowl...small project for spinning
and knitting. Great idea!


Such fun. I need to make some for next winter but will use sock yarn.

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perfect for weather, wonder if you want to take it more serious like selling this in markets!


Curious as to what size length I would need to use for the last cowl. Would a 24" loop be long enough?

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I don't know how to knit in the round yet. Can this be done on straight needles as well. Thanks for helping a newbie! :)


such a pretty cowl!

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