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August 05, 2009



Fall knitting is my fav too.

Mega congrats on the weight loss!! I'm struggling like heck with 15 re-occuring pounds. Determined, but it's a fight all the way... yet again...


Yes, yes, yes and OH MY yes!!! I agree 100% with you - and I am so restless about starting fall projects that I just HAD to start a shawl for this fall when I go back to school to teach. You know, a little something to hang on the back of my chair when the AC gets too cold or I didn't prepare for a chilly day.


I've been wondering about the new tweed from Berrocco. Glad it gets the thumbs up. The hat is very cute. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look great!


One of the (very few) crappy things about living Down South is that when September rolls around and the knitting world is dominated with wool and tweed and luscious sweaters and hundreds of new and exciting things to knit, it's time for us to break out the cotton and the aircon! I love the hat, and huge kudos on the weight loss - I have the same amount to lose, and it is totally daunting.


That hat looks great and so do you! I have to get back on the fitness kick, I've been lazy lately (busy with other things) and my face is about as round as it can get.


Way to go! Losing 80 lbs is an amazing accomplishment! I'm sure it took a lot of commitment and hard work, but your health is so worth it. You look happy and pretty in your new fall hat.

I also love the new IK, and it makes me want to get out all my tweedy yarns and just wrap myself in warmth. But seeing as we've not had a summer to speak of, I'll take the lovely sunny warm weather we're getting right now and be patient with my fall woolens.


that weight loss is amazing! Congratulations! I imagine it must have been a lot of work!

I also want that new St Denis magazine, and Jared Flood's booklet... I've decided to let my IK sub lapse though, since there's so much else out there, and I can always buy the issue I want.


Well hello!
i finally found your blog, the pics are great! ur so talented! well, i know we lost touch shortly after you came to visit in sacramento, it seems lots has changed since then... i hope all is well! congrats on ur weight loss.... im kinda workin on the same thing, i gained ALOT after moving to vegas! im hoping to move back to cda in may if not sooner and wanted to get in touch with u before hand... ( but im thinkin ur no longer there...)
im not sure what address tits showing for this e mail, but mine is i hope to hear from you soon! :) *jen
(p.s.-i tried to e mail this but it didnt go through)


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