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May 28, 2009



Wow, that shawl is amazing so far! Nice work!


Beautiful color! I haven't ever knit with beads and I don't think I'd like it either. How is the alpaca with a twist knitting up? I have a skein, but haven't even wound it yet.


Downright gorgeous!


Very pretty! I started this and had to frog it - but loved the beads (but agree - it does get a little tedious). Love the color you chose...


this is lovely and the picture gorgeous,
have a nice day


It's simply beautiful. I've never knitted with beads but the result is so sparkly and pretty. Soon, soon!

Timothy Burley

This reminds me of wife's knitting projects. She used purple threads to make socks, sweaters, and scarves. We buy all the materials in St. Petersburg. How's your tooth extraction? I'm scheduled to visit my dentist next week for my two wisdom teeth extraction. I really need to get it done before getting my braces on.

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