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February 05, 2009



I also had an MRI a few years ago for headaches. My trick was to wear earplugs and to take my glasses off, which makes me basically blind, and I closed my eyes. I couldn't see the inside of the machine, and I somehow thought it was much bigger than I hear it is. I also decided that the loud sounds reminded me of atonal music.
Don't know if that helps at all...

Brooke M.

I had an MRI a few years ago and the valium did help some. Also, they put a cloth (a washcloth or something) over my eyes so I wouldn't be able to see. I made it through. I'm sure you can do it.


I can relate to your feelings - I would think Valium would at the very least help you control your physical feelings of anxiety...I took it recently to fly, and my heart didn't feel like it was going to fly out of my chest and made the whole scenario very tolerable. And it was just a little. Good luck figuring this out! Take care.


MRIs, eep! I had a bunch last year and I always was a bit anxious and even a bit (well, a lot) weepy. Hopefully the valium will help! I had one incredibly rude technician that wasn't very understanding, which really sucked.

Once I calm down, I imagine that all the knocking and pounding is a robot dance party. Woo, party on!

Karen K.

Hang in there - there are a lot of good suggestions in previous comments so won't repeat them, but I can attest to the effectiveness of the eyeshade, and the earplugs are a good idea; I tried an iPod with calming music but the noise was too much. Calming thoughts are being sent in your direction.


Make sure you don't open your eyes!


I had a MRI last year which involved my head being in a cage for ~30 minutes. I was surprised at how frightening it was. They put a blanket over me, and put buffers next to each ear. It helped to breathe slowly and deeply, to keep my eyes closed, and to concentrate on finding a pattern in the noise. I also kept my wooden hair sticks in my hands so my hands would be busy holding something. Good luck!


Right, MRI...the act of being buried alive in a metal casket upon which someone stands next to an beats upon it with a hammer. Dramatic - but that was my reaction to my first and only MRI done on my neck about 3 years ago. I too, am severly claustrophobic and had to be given "conscious sedation" which was valium or something. I work at the hospital where mine was done (I'm not in a clinical profession) and knew the tech. He was very kind and sympathetic. He covered my face with a cloth so that I could not see that the interior of the MRI was only about an inch from my nose and was in constant communication with me, telling me "good job" and warning me of the next hammering and how long it would take. I'm glad you survived your experience but more importantly I hope they were able to find something that will help with your migraines - I know how debilitating they can be. Next time ask if you can take yarn to pet!!

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