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December 02, 2008



Both scarves are looking lovely! I'm knitting a fingering weight scarf right now too, and it seems interminable. Perhaps I need to follow your lead and just cast on another one (or two)?


both of them are gorgeous, but the lace ribbon one!!! wow!!! i need to get going on some easy xmas knitting, but dammit, i can't seem to get away from my wheel!


The Lace Ribbon scarf is such a great design for handspun. Yours is beautiful!
I've got some optim that I dyed and spun a while back. The optim didn't take the color very well though so I don't really like the resulting yarn. Too bad though, because the stuff is crazy soft.


The lace ribbon is beautiful! I've started that scarf in lace and I don't know if I like it or not in lace. The cashmere is beautiful too!


I love your lace ribbon scarf! Your handspun looks perfect for that pattern. That cashmere shawl looks beautiful as well!


The handspun ribbon scarf is breathtaking! Your spinning and your photographs are just amzing!


Your projects look wonderful! That handspun is amaaaazing and you've picked the perfect pattern for it as well. I'm still waiting on my copy of the new Nancy Bush to arrive - can't wait to get my mitts on it!

Amber lee

Mmmm yummy. You're making me want to knit up something new for around my neck!


Looks amazing on both accounts. Isn't Cashmere just like buttah?!?! I bought 800 yards of it at a recent knitter's fair and I have a question for you before I attempt using it.

The lady that I bought the laceweight cashmere from said that when you knit with it, it's hard to put tension on the yarn because it doesn't even feel like it's in your fingers. Is that something you are dealing with, or was she just handing me a line? I would have bought it regardless because...well just the feel of it, dude! SO SOFT!!


happy scarfing! I have a terrible time finishing scarves, and I think my only hope at it is to take mine on the subway, where time is limited and I have only one thing to occupy myself. I especially love the turquoise color of your lace ribbon one.


Both are beautiful - the cashmere though - wow - it is gorgeous!


I love, love, love the Lace Ribbon scarf in your handspun! I'm working on some lace/fingering handspun right now, and I definitely need to keep that pattern in mind.

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