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December 10, 2008



Well, whatever you do for the holiday, I wish you a great day!


what a great story - 7, that's amazing!


holy cow, that cactus is amazing for it's blooms and for it's longevity! merry christmas to you!

Account Deleted

WOW! I haven't been able to keep any of my Christmas cacti alive for a whole season let alone 7 years. That's amazing! (and it's beautiful, I love the colour of those flowers the most :D)
Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, even if you do have to work on the day. Cheers to you and your little Charlie Brown tree. :D


Great photograph!

Well whatever you need to do for the seasons, it's still fun.

Have happy holidays.


It's beautiful! I have absolutely no plants in my house b/c I know I would kill it.

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