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August 07, 2008



That fibre is gorgeous and the finished yarn is beautiful as always! I'm spinning some fingering weight now too, but it's taking me so much longer than 8-10 hours I don't like to think about it.
Yay for camping! I love it so much, and looks like you had a pretty stunning spot.


Spinning for 8-10 hours? All I can say is wow!

Amber lee

I think you might just have the best handspun stash on Ravelry, yummy. Great yarn, and your post makes me want to camp as well. Lovely.


I can't wait to do some more camping - your photos are gorgeous! and the new roving and handspun? that color is perfect. your handspun has a crazy effect on me, I swear.


What a gorgeous area to camp in!

ms. b

dude, that purple is STUNNING! dare i say even prettier than idaho! ;)


That yarn is gorgeous, and your camping trip looks lovely. The blue of the yarn could almost be the blue of the sky in the background of your pictures. Almost. But a little more purple!


I want to be in that tent far from the city-life! I agree with you on the sad fact that people are not very respectful of camping places. I usually collect all the trash we find and cut the strings people attach to the trees while Eric breaks down the tent.

And your yarn is gorgeous!


I just realized (after our trip out West) that I, too, have the same problem with taking photos outside. Now, how to fix it?!?

The camping spot looks lovely!

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